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1. What is a Florida Civil Law Notary?

A Florida Civil Law Notary is a legal practitioner who meets certain standards of knowledge and experience.  In order to be appointed by the Florida Secretary of State as a civil law notary, an individual must have been in the legal practice for 5 years and must pass a special written examination.

2. What is the difference between a civil law notary and a notary public?

A civil law notary is authorized to authenticate as to the validity of a document, fact, or transaction. Therefore, civil law notary services are often used in conjunction with international transactions.  A notary public’s powers are limited to acts such as attesting signatures, taking oaths or affidavits, and certifying copies. A Florida Civil Law Notary can perform all of the acts of a notary public.

3. What is an authentic act?

In Florida, an authentic act is a written instrument executed by a civil law notary, which includes the particulars and capacities to act of any transacting parties, a confirmation of the full text of any necessary written documentation, the signatures of the parties to the transaction or their legal equivalent, the signature and seal of the civil law notary, and any other information prescribed by the Florida Secretary of State.  Authentic acts are often required to engage in international transactions.


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